Art & Design


“The BTEC National Diploma in Art & Design is where young, creative talent goes to grow. It is the perfect programme for students who just can't find the right academic fit for their creativity. It is a platform for creative trials that allows everyone to showcase their talents. Run by BTEC teaching professionals, students learn practical conceptual basics and can apply this new knowledge immediately. Every step is taken to ensure that each student can develop their ideas and abilities in a professional environment.” 

Constantinos Hoursoglou, Programme Director



The BTEC National Diploma in Art & Design enables young people with creative minds to learn the applied arts in four fundamental fields : photography, graphic design, digital design and three dimensional design (industrial, interior and fashion).

The programme is designed for students 16 and older and lasts two years. Thanks to its Anglo-Saxon teaching style based on skill assessment, students learn the foundations for their creative careers. This course of study is the ideal stepping stone for higher level degrees such as a bachelor's.

The first year is geared towards learning the basics. The second year is made up of specific modules based on the student's chosen options.


In two years, students gain a global view of the use of applied arts in the professional world.

Their education also gives them a first approach to today's technical creative tools so they can continue their studies with a bachelor's degree.


    The goal of the course is to transfer knowledge and give students their first taste of applied arts in all its forms.

    The academic year runs from September to the end of June with 30 class hours per week.

    For an ideal learning environment, class sizes are limited to 15 students.


      Basic modules: Art history, Photography, Drawing, Colour, Perspective, Portfolio, Visual language.

      Professional modules: Collaborative work, Creative tools, Professional practice.

      Career modules: Graphic design, Illustration, Video and animation, Web and App design, 3D Design (product design, fashion, interior design).


        After two years, students who have successfully completed the programme open the doors to more advanced degrees like a bachelor's, including those taught at IPAC Design Geneva : 

        Communication & Interactive Design | Interior Design | Fashion Design | Communication, Media and Strategy | Design Product


        14,900.00 CHF per year for 2 years

        Tuition includes required software (Adobe Suite) and basic drawing materials and tools.

        Application fee : 800.00 CHF (A one-time administrative fee to create your dossier).

        Different payment methods are possible: monthly, quarterly or annually.