The National BTEC Diploma BTEC (level 3) is recognised in over 80 countries including the United States, Canada, Australia and all the European Union member countries. It is the equivalence of the Professional Baccalaureate, Professional Maturity or CFC.

It is an alternative to traditional educational paths, focusing on professional practice and skill development to attain a bachelor's degree. BTEC: Business and Technician Education Council  


The programme is designed for students 16 and older and lasts two years. The first year is geared towards learning the basics. The second year is made up of specific modules based on the student's chosen options.


BTEC programmes are designed in the United Kingdom, but are not necessarily in English. The flexibility of BTEC programs enables each institution to choose the language of instruction and evaluation that best suits its students.

At IPAC Design Geneva the BTEC courses are taught in French and the programme has been developed following the BTEC/PEARSON qualifications, based on continuous skill assessment. Students work and are evaluated through case studies and projects in real work environments designed to be identical to their future work environments.

A BTEC diploma is made up of a number of units, each with its own value, that are acquired during the school year. Targets for specific skills in each unit must be reached and are graded on a scale of P (pass), M (merit) or D (distinction).

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+ A high-quality teaching system of up-to-date and professional programmes. + Official recognition of diplomas and European equivalences (ECTS). + Acquire operational skills. + Contextualised practical learning. + Student accountability. + Evaluation by project, practical theory application and project management tasks.


The international dimension of IPAC Design Geneva is an essential component. The school is accredited by Pearson Education, the world's largest organisation for accreditation and academic programmes and professionals.

Pearson Education is responsible for the auditing, quality and development of National Diploma programmes taught in some of the most prestigious international universities and schools, under the responsibility of OFQUAL (the British qualifications regulator). As an authorised BTEC centre, IPAC Design Geneva is reviewed twice every academic year.

IPAC Design Geneva is also a member of the Open Design School, a group of BTEC certified francophone schools.


The BTEC National Diploma in Art & Design is where young, creative talent goes to grow on its way to more advanced studies like a bachelor's degree.