Interior Design


"Interior design has seen an unprecedented period of change. The world is changing at breakneck speed. The techniques, materials and requirements are changing just as quickly. Designers can no longer simply create beautiful and functional spaces. They must learn about their environment and surroundings before starting any work. They have to be attentive to the world around them to better anticipate needs and know how to collaborate with professionals from various backgrounds. Design is intrinsic to the world and everything surrounding us. Designers must be able to imagine realistic scenarios for any situation. Today, only a training rooted in professional practice allows future interior designers to face the tough competition in the job market. This is what the Interior Design program is all about."

Fabio Colucci, Program's Director


The Europass Bachelor's in Interior Design is a complete 3-year program that follows the European Bachelor's format.

The program is targeted at people with a passion for design, architecture, drawing, creation, material, texture and color.

The courses are organized around lectures, workshops, projects and professional workshops.

They allow students to learn and to perfect current techniques, tools and creative approaches of interior designers.


    The Europass Bachelor's in Interior Design is a complete 3-year program that follows the European Bachelor's format. Right from the start, students start applying theoretical concepts they have learned (drawings and rough drafts, CAD, desktop publishing, structure and construction, modeling and material) through dedicated workshops and projects.

    These workshops are an opportunity for students to get a first taste of themes and projects they will encounter in their professional life. In particular they teach students to understand the importance of how to properly present and represent an idea.

    Internships, seminars, company visits and study tours are scheduled throughout the program.

    Students are also required to carry out concrete short or medium-term projects (creation and realization of an exhibition stand, pavilion design, interior design, exhibition design...). These demands give access to professional workshops allowing students to make contacts in the real world.

    The third and final year is dedicated to a personal project that will be submitted for consideration by a jury of recognized external professionals.


      become fully-developed interior designers

      Over the course of three years students will hone their skills to become fully-developed interior designers who have mastered the techniques and tools of the trade.

      They will be able to understand the ins and outs of a project's creative environment.

      They will have developed a creative sensitivity conducive to creating not just good but beautiful interior design projects.



      Teaching areas are visual creation, branding, communications, strategy and new technologies.

      The school year runs from September to June with 35 class hours per week.

      For an ideal learning environment, classes are limited to a maximum of twenty students.


        initiation, development and perfecting

        The three-year program is rolled out as follows: initiation, development and perfecting students' knowledge.

        Theoretical industry courses: design and rough drafts, CAD (architecture specific software), desktop publishing (Adobe Suite), technical courses (what is a wall, ceiling...), modeling (how to cut, cut, screw, drill ...) and a materials course (wood, cement...).

        Inter-industry courses: design creativity, English, professional integration.


        Extensive fields of activity

        After three years, an interior designer is ready to enter the professional world through many paths: create a collective, start their own company, join a design agency, a consulting firm or a well-known brand's design team.

        The fields of activity are numerous: setting up temporary display or event spaces, museums, booth layout, furniture design, interior design...

        The program also opens the possibility of continuing studies to obtain a Master's degree.


        15,900.00 CHF per year, for 3 years.

        Tuition costs include all necessary design software (Adobe Suite) and all basic technical drawing material required.

        Inscription fee of 800.00 CHF (paid only one time to build your dossier).

        Different payment schedules are possible – monthly, quarterly or yearly.