Fashion Design


"Before a new collection arrives in the shops, be it haute couture or ready-to-wear, there is a team working behind the scenes with the brand artistic director. It is this work that interests us and which we teach our future fashion designer students. For three years, our students learn to create their own collection. They learn to analyze materials and fabrics to accurately calculate production time and cost. They study everything from trend studies to communication codes related to art and design. More importantly, we teach them what inspiration is and how to feed it. It is this personal research that is the basis of success."

Laurence Perrey, Program's Director


one of the thousands of aspects of fashion design

The Europass Bachelor's in Fashion Design is a complete 3-year program that follows the European Bachelor's format. It is targeted at people with a taste for creativity and who are passionate about fashion.

The program is organized around theory courses and different thematic workshops. This allows students to get a taste and then perfect any one of the thousands of aspects of fashion design.

Our teaching approach is based on acquiring the fundamental techniques, creative research and developing students' own personal style.

    Practical workshops

    As soon as they start, students are encouraged to try everything – from basic drawing to fashion illustration. The program includes studies on material, fabric, space, color, prints, technical drawings and imaging software, without forgetting modeling techniques, pattern-making, cutting, molding and sewing.

    The language of visual fashion visual communications is studied along with how to interpret trends and analyze style. The program also delves into the aspects of industry marketing and economics.

    Through practical workshops, students explore a personal, creative and real technical research in apparel and accessories. They build the tools needed to make their own collection and this personal collection is presented as part of their final exam.


      Express yourself creatively

      Over the course of three years students will hone their skills to become fully-developed fashion creators who have mastered the fundamental techniques of styling and modeling, capable of expressing their creativity in all areas of fashion.

      They will learn the different phases of development of a fashion collection and be able to speak with different suppliers in the profession.

      At the end of their studies, our students will have acquired a professional thought process and the skills they need to enter the job market.



      The ensemble of the subject matter is aimed at transferring high-level technical knowledge to our students.

      Teaching areas are visual creation, branding, communications, strategy and new technologies. The school year runs from September to June with 35 class hours per week.  

      For an ideal learning environment, classes are limited to a maximum of twenty students.

        PROFESSIONal perspectives

        The graduate Bachelor may exercise as an art director, stylist, designer, responsible for collection development manager, product manager, purchasing manager of supply, production manager, production assistant, photo stylist ... And this in all areas: highly couture, ready-to-wear, menswear, childrenswear, accessories, etc.


        15,900.00 CHF per year, for 3 years.

        Tuition costs include all necessary design software (Adobe Suite) and all basic technical drawing material required.

        Inscription fee of 800.00 CHF (paid only one time to build your dossier).

        Different payment schedules are possible – monthly, quarterly or yearly.