Communication & Interactive Design

a complete 3-year program 

The Europass Bachelor's in Communication & Interactive Design is a complete 3-year program that follows the European Bachelor's format. It is targeted at people with a creative streak interested in visual design and digital design.

This program was created for those who wish to master web design, mobile and web site creation, marketing and digital strategy, interactive communications, social networking and app creation. Our future graduates will work on their own, in interactive agencies both big and small, or directly with companies.

The program is based on the fundamentals of visual conception, design, new technologies and communications.


train tomorrow's creative minds

Over the course of three years, students become creative masters of the fundamental language of visual and interactive communication.

They will know how to define strategies to develop and position a brand or company. They will create global communication campaigns, carry out or supervise content (image, sound, video), design and launch dedicated digital tools (web sites, mobile sites, apps, etc.), create graphics, packaging, and much more…

The main objective of the Interactive Design Bachelor's degree is to train tomorrow's creative minds to analyze the market, to develop communications strategies to support businesses by bringing expertise and know-how in multiple compositions. Compositions that our graduates will create themselves or have created.


 transferring high-level technical knowledge

The ensemble of the subject matter is aimed at transferring high-level technical knowledge to our students. Teaching areas are visual creation, branding, communications, strategy and new technologies.

The school year runs from September to June with 35 class hours per week.

For an ideal learning environment, classes are limited to a maximum of twenty students.


initiation, development and perfecting

The three-year program is rolled out as follows: initiation, development and perfecting students' knowledge.



Initiation to the foundations of visual communication


Drawing, illustration, color; graphics, layout; space and 3D; art history, communication and design; creative culture; software suites; photo and audiovisual; typography, desktop publishing software; fundamentals of communication; interactive art; interactive communication; English; professional integration, personal time.


+ Interactive Design Workshops (practical application of theory learned)



The fundamentals of visual creation in the digital world


Graphics and interactive page design; communications and media strategy; digital 3D; creative culture; drawing, digital illustration, art history, communications and design; photo and audiovisual; interactive communication; interactive art; English; personal time.


+ Interactive Design Workshops; digital application



Knowledge perfection and final project


Graphics and interactive page design; Drawing - digital illustration; digital 3D; creative culture; Bachelor's final project; interactive communications; interactive art; Law; professional integration; personal time.


+ Interactive Design Workshops; digital application


15,900.00 CHF per year, for 3 years.

Tuition costs include all necessary design software (Adobe Suite) and all basic technical drawing material required.

Inscription fee of 800.00 CHF (paid only one time to build your dossier).

Different payment schedules are possible – monthly, quarterly or yearly.