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“Corporate or commercial, communications is now in every nook and cranny of society. Constantly evolving, communications now cover an ever growing number of means, messages and broadcast channels. To stand out from everyone else and get the most impact, you need coherence, common sense, an open mind and the ability to adapt. Mastering these tools along with analytical skills and good habits are critical. Our future communicators will learn in three years to find the strategic balance between the brand, the product, the message, the medium and the target audience, all accompanied by graphic know-how to create the perfect, well-rounded expert.”

Rémi Collioud, IPAC DESIGN Director

partnership with SAWI and Polycom

The Communications, Media and Strategy degree is a full-time, three year European Bachelor's programme created for those with a real taste for communications, marketing and media.

The programme is designed around lectures and workshops that focus on the professional fundamentals of marketing and communications, perfecting computer skills, the culture of design, corporate culture and professional integration. Personal coaching and support is provided during the final year for the personal project required to graduate.

Taking advantage of our partnership with SAWI and Polycom, this programme allows students to earn a dual degree: IPAC Design Bachelor's in Communications, Media and Strategy, and a Polycom Bachelor's in Marketing and Communications.


to develop students' employability

Over the course of three years our students become versatile communications and marketing professionals, having fully mastered the use of strategic tools and strategies.

The programme aims to develop students' employability, making them immediately operational in the job market.


knowledge and savoir-faire

The ensemble of the subject matter aims to transfer knowledge and savoir-faire of the world of communications, marketing and media.

The academic year runs from September to the end of June with 30 class hours per week. For an ideal learning environment, class sizes are limited to twenty students.


Initiation, Deeper Learning, Mastering

The three year programme is taught as follows: Initiation, Deeper Learning, Mastering the topic.

Marketing (mixed marketing, case studies, strategy, workshops), strategy and communications (verbal communication, advertising production, communication strategies, media and communications sociology), computer design (computer skills, desktop publishing), strategic planning (creating a communications strategy using new tools and methods), branding (understanding on-line marketing, digital culture – experience and understanding of new media and digital strategy, awareness seminars on economic and legal issues in the world of design, self-marketing and oral expression).


Careers in 

After three years of study, the well-rounded communicator can work anywhere, be it a communications agency, media or within a large corporation.

Careers in advertising agencies: client director, head of advertising, strategic planner, media planner, copywriter...

Careers in media: Production manager, head of planning…

Careers in the corporate world: Communications director, press attaché, event management, community manager, product manager, web project manager...


15,900.00 CHF per year, for 3 years.

Tuition includes required software (Adobe Suite).

Application fee: 800.00 CHF (A one-time administrative fee to create your dossier).

Different payment methods are possible: monthly, quarterly or annually.