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  • Whatever programme you choose, each candidate must demonstrate their motivation and desire to invest in their chosen field.
  • A full creative dossier (sketches, photos, video and other works that demonstrate the candidate’s interest in design and communications) accompanied by a cover letter are necessary for your application.
  • The admissions committee, composed of established professors and the administration, will choose the best candidates.


  • To complete your application, please submit all of the following :
  • The completed and signed application which you can download below
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Cover letter
  • Transcripts and diplomas for your last four years of study
  • Work certificates if you have earned a professional or vocational certificate
  • Copy of your ID (identity card or passport).


  • Upon reception of your application we will invite you to an interview.
  • During this interview, you will need to present a creative dossier no less than 10 pages long (creative work, sketch/drawing book, creative research, sources of inspiration) in connection with your desired field.
  • After your interview the Admission Committee will convene to determine if you will be accepted. You will then receive their final decision by post.